The Untold Fairytale

To start this damned story, may I introduce my self, I’m Julie Anne. My friends call me J.A, Lianne or Julie.  I do what I want. I mean what I say. I become vulnerable at times. I’m a hopeless romantic; therefore, I fall in love easily. Sarcasm is my forte. Bipolar at times.

Full Name: Julie Anne Padilla Fabricante ♥
Birthday: July 8, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Age: Sixteen ∞
Address: San Pablo, Calabanga, Camarines Sur
Relationship Status: In a relationship with no one
School: University of the Philippines Los Banos; Freshman

Food: Potatoes; ichigo (a/n: strawberry); ice cream; vegetable salad; pizzaaaa
Colors: Pink; white; rainbow colors
Bands: All Time Low; Mayday Parade; Mest; Paramore; New Found Glory; Sleeping With The Sirens; A Day to Remember; The Cab; We The Kings; Hey Monday; Fall Out Boy; Boys Like Girls; A Rocket To The Moon; Tonight Alive \m/

Random: Stars; Hello Kitty ♥
Hobby(ies): Listening to music, reading books, mangas and net novels, eating, sleeping, tweeting, tumblring, facebooking




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