My greatest (other) dream

Aside from being a doctor someday, another dream of mine that I really really NEED to achieve is to be ambidextrous.

Since I was a kid, I am fascinated with left handed people since all the people I knew were right handed, including myself. From that moment, I really want to be a leftie since it was like a unique character. I can never take away the fact that I’m a rightie so instead of focusing on being a left handed, I decided to take the easier (it’s not really easy but oh well) step.. I decided that I WILL be ambidextrous.

I’ve started doing simple things like brushing my teeth, opening the doors, etc. that I normally do using my right hand. It wasn’t easy and it’s so frustrating (especially Β when brushing I’m my teeth since I keep on hurting my gums T^T) that sometimes, I really want to switch to my right hand to do the simple task but I keep on telling myself that “You can’t reap anything if you will not sow” so I just keep on doing it.

I’m still in the process of being an ambidextrous (yes, I am certain that I will be one) but I can say that I will really achieve this dream of mine.

Also, if you want to be ambidextrous too, this site really helped me.Β


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