This is it

After months and months and months of anticipation, here I am.. Finally in my dream school. Somehow I can’t describe what I feel but I guess mixed emotions is what you call it.   So.. Wish me luck on the next big step that I’m about to take for me to become a successful doctor […]

Once a bookworm, always a bookworm

I love to read. Seriously, I can’t live without my books. They’re my nicotine.. For all the bookworms out there, I recommend these following books..   I’m into classics and these 3 are my favorites (even though ‘The Alchemist’ is not a classic, I consider it as a classic ‘coz it should be) Charles Dickens […]

Seeing is believing?

People say that seeing is believing. But sometimes, not everything you see is the truth nor everything you didn’t see is not real. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Read, then criticize. Don’t judge the people based on their appearance. Know them, then prove yourself whether you’re right or wrong.

First blog

Since I will be a college student in a few days, a spun-of-the-moment idea came into my mind that I should create a blog about what will probably happen during the succeeding days of my life. It may not be that updated, or even not updated.. at all, but I guess I can give justice […]